We’re going to have a baby!

Have you got a baby on the way? This is such an exciting time in your life so you need a truly unique way to reveal it to your friends and family!

At Eat My Photo, we love cake and we love surprises so why not combine the two?

Share the news in a truly scrumptious way with a personalised message on our delicious freshly baked cupcakes in a variety of funky or traditional flavours. We can even print a picture of your baby scan onto a giant cake to share your amazing news!  We bake 6″ to 12″ cakes so however many hungry mouths you have to feed, we’ve got you covered.

Prefer a scrummy biscuit? Choose from personalised shortbread or even ginger biscuits to reveal the good news!  Whichever sweet treat you prefer we can add your bespoke image to create a truly individual gift.

If you want a deliciously exciting way to reveal the gender of your baby to be, we have a brand new range of Baby Gender Reveal Cupcakes! With a hidden centre of blue or pink frosting to reveal the gender of your baby when someone takes a bite! How exciting!!

Could there be any better way to tell your partner or family and friends the special news that you’re having a baby? We don’t think so!

You can upload up to 6 images via our website so don’t worry if you haven’t decided on how you are going to reveal the news, there’s lots of different ways to go about it! We even have a range of complimentary images for you to choose from.

However far and wide you want to spread your awesome news, and to however many people we’re here to help; we can post to locations all across the UK!

Have a go at creating your own design and let your ideas roam free! Enjoy!

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