Print Guidelines

We want your photo cake, cupcakes, biscuits and flapjacks to give the best impression possible. Whilst our food printers are state of the art, printing onto icing with edible ink is not the same as  as printing photo’s onto photo paper.  To ensure your products look as good as they will taste, we recommend that you follow our print guidelines. We cannot accept responsibility for images that have not followed these guidelines.

It is your responsibility to upload good quality images that meet our guidelines below and we will print them as they are sent to us. We cannot accept responsibility for images that have not followed these guidelines.

Photo Quality

As with any printed image, what you get out depends on what you put in. The better quality and resolution that an image has will mean a better quality photo print.  It is not possible to reproduce crisp and sharp photo images using edible ink and icing, but as long as you follow our guidelines we can create some fantastic looking and tasting products.

Below is a typical reproduction of an image for a cupcake or biscuit.  As you can see, a bright image with bold images reproduces much better than a ‘busy’ image with darker colours.

Use a JPEG or PNG file

Make sure the file type you are trying to upload is either JPEG or PNG as any other file type including PDF and Word Documents will not be accepted by our product builder and won’t upload.

Use a large image

To get the best quality print possible, the image will need to be as large as possible. If you’re trying to upload an image that is small (especially smaller than the print area) your photo toppers may print blurry when scaled up to fit the print area.

Be bright and colourful

We recommend using bright and colourful images as these always print best. Try to avoid photos that are dark or poorly lit where possible, however, if you want to use a darker or poorly lit image, try editing the image before you upload. Please bear in mind we cannot guarantee the colour of your photo will come out the same as it looks on your screen, but we’ll always try our best to match it.

Black and white pictures

Please do not mix black and white and colour images in the same order.  We have to print all images at the same time and if black and white are mixed with colour it can sometimes lead to a green tinge on the black and white pictures.

Consider product size

Don’t forget to consider whether you’re ordering a 12” cake or a cupcake when choosing which photo to use. For example, you don’t want to crowd a cupcake or biscuit with a large group photo as you risk losing people from the photo or the photo will be unclear. However, if you’re looking at printing a large group photo, you may want to consider a photo celebration cake.

Cupcakes and Biscuits –Toppers for cupcakes and biscuits are only 5cm in diameter so please:

  • Use photos with just one or two people and make them as large as you can within the space.
  • Avoid group shots may not come out well as the print area is too small.
  • Make sure the images are bold and bright as they tend to work best.
  • Avoid dark pictures and those with lots of fine detail are harder to print.
  • If adding text, make it large and bold, and select a text colour that stands against the picture.

Adding Text

Make sure any text you add is large and in a bold colour that stands out from your picture. Use the ‘Add White Text Border’ option to make it stand out.  Remember the print are for cupcakes, small biscuits and flapjacks is less than 5cm in diameter, so the writing may not print clearly if it is small.

Use the product builder tools

Don’t forget to use the product builder tools when you upload your image to get the best view. The tools include zoom and move which will enable you to position your image for the best results. Make sure you don’t have any blank, white space around the edges as that could ruin the impact.

Check, Check, Check

Before you confirm your design, check that everything is correct as this is how your design will be printed. Things to check include spelling errors, text cut off or poor quality images. We don’t check these so if you’re not sure, ask someone else to check.

Images we may not print

From time to time, we may not print your images and cancel your order if we feel that the images are graphic, offensive or for any other reason set out in our terms and conditions.

Colour matching

We always do our best to match our print to the image you send us, however, we can only match it to the image as viewed on our computer screens. Please consider that an image viewed on a computer screen is in an RGB format and as computer screens differ, it can look different from screen to screen. We cannot select pantones or specific CMYK colour codes.