Personalised Party Packs

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Personalised Party Packs

Are you having a party and want lots of tasty goodies?  Our Party Packs are an ideal way of getting a mix of cupcakes, biscuits and flapjacks to give your party that added wow! Create your personalised toppers by uploading up to six images and also adding text. We will then print onto ‘proper icing’ toppers and send them out to you to enjoy!  You can also choose from:


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Step 1: Choose product

Select Cupcakes Biscuits Cupcakes & Biscuits
Select Yes No N/A
Select Vanilla Lemon Light Choc Mix (Van / Lem / Choc) Raspberry Ripple (RR) Salted Caramel (SC) Strawberry Milkshake (SM) Mix (RR / SC / SM) N/A
Select Red Black Blue Pink Ivory N/A
Select Shortbread Gingerbread Flapjack Mix (Shortbread / Ginger / Flap) N/A
Select Small (5 cupcakes) 12 Pack (6 biscuits, 6 cupcakes) 24 Pack (12 biscuits, 12 cupcakes) 30 Pack (15 biscuits, 15 cupcakes) 40 Pack (20 biscuits, 20 cupcakes) 50 Pack (25 biscuits, 25 cupcakes) 60 Pack (30 biscuits, 30 cupcakes) 18 Biscuits 24 Biscuits 30 Biscuits 36 Biscuits 42 Biscuits 48 Biscuits 54 Biscuits 60 Biscuits 66 Biscuits 72 Biscuits 78 Biscuits 84 Biscuits 90 Biscuits 96 Biscuits
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Confirm image

Step 2: Upload up to 6 images

Add Images (up to 2MB)

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Step 3: Choose Text (optional)



Step 4: Review Images


  Now allocate how many of each image you would like:
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Check Step 4

Please check how many copies of each image your require as they do not match the number of products you are ordering.

Whilst our food printers are state of the art, printing onto icing with edible ink is not the same as as printing photo’s onto photo paper.  It is your responsibility to upload good quality images that meet our guidelines. To get the best results please follow these guidelines or view our full print guidelines HERE:

USE BRIGHT PICTURES – Make sure your image is high quality as we may need to enlarge it to print onto a cake.  Low resolution images may pix-elate.

FULL SIZED CAKES – Make sure you use a high resolution image for a large cake as poor quality or low resolution images may pix-elate when expanded in size to fit a large cake.

CUPCAKES AND BISCUITS – Toppers for cupcakes and biscuits are only 5cm in diameter so:

  • Use photos with just one or two people and make them as large as you can within the space.
  • Avoid group shots may not come out well as the print area is too small.
  • Make sure the images are bold and bright as they tend to work best.
  • Avoid dark pictures and those with lots of fine detail are harder to print.
  • If adding text, make it large and bold, and select a text colour that stands against the picture.

Product Description

Party Packs

Our fantastic Party Packs make it easy to order a range of personalised edible goodies for parties and events.  You can order just cupcakes, just biscuits or a mixed pack of cupcakes and biscuits which you can personalise with your own photos, images and messages.

With our variety of party packs, they are fantstic for a variety of occassions including birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, weddings and much more.

Party Pack Options

Cupcakes Only– Choose traditional frosting flavours from Vanilla, Lemon and Light Choc or go wild with our Funky Flavours. Choose from Raspberry Ripple, Salted Caramel and Strawberry Milkshake.  Minimum order is 10 cupcakes.

Our cupcakes are all baked from scratch using top quality ingredients to give you that home baked taste.  Gluten Free cupcakes are baked using Doves Farm Gluten Free Flour.

Biscuits & Flapjacks – Choose from trays of Shortbread, Ginger or Flapjack, or a mix box of all three types. Pack sizes start at 18 biscuits and go up to 96.  Simply order multiple packs if you need more.

Mixed Boxes –  If you really cannot decide why not choose a mix pack where you can have a mix of three traditional cupcake flavours or the three funky flavours.  You can mix it up further by adding biscuits and flapjacks. Pack sizes start from 12 units up to 30.  Order multiple packs if you need more. (Gluten Free cupcakes are not available in Mixed Boxes due to the risk of cross contamination).

How to Order:

Step 1 – Choose the filling flavour for your birthday or celebration cake followed by its shape and size.  Choose the ribbon colour you want and select the quantity of photo cakes you require.

Step 2 – Personalise your cakes by uploading an image for each party cake.  Images can be uploaded from your phone, computer, Facebook or Instagram (See our print guidelines). We also have a wide selection of themed images in our own gallery. You can re-size and rotate your image and once you are happy either add text in step 3 or click below the image to confirm it. If you want to add more click the Upload Another Image button.

Step 3 – Add text to your image or just have text on its own. Choose your font style and font colour.  You can add a white background so that it stands out over your image.

Step 4 – Once you have uploaded all of your images just allocate how many of each image you want on your products.

Once you’re happy with your personalised products, simply click add to basket.

Additional Information

Best Before Date

Cupcakes: Our cupcakes are ambient and do not need refrigerating. Please consume within 3 days of delivery to ensure the cupcakes are at their best.
Biscuits and flapjacks: will all have a 1 month best before date.


You can select your delivery date at checkout. The earliest delivery date is shown at the top of the page in Step 1. Your delivery charge depends on how much you order and when you need it delivered. More information can be found at

Cupcake Frosting Flavours

Traditional Flavours: Vanilla / Lemon / Light Chocolate
Funky Flavours: Raspberry Ripple / Salted Caramel / Strawberry Milkshake

Cupcake Cases

Standard Cupcakes: Red / Blue / Pink / Ivory / Black
Gluten Free Cakes : Red / Blue / Pink

Biscuit Info

Biscuits Types: Shortbread, Gingerbread, Flapjack
Biscuit Shapes: Round, Square & Heart
Biscuits Sizes: 8cm diameter


Flapjack Shapes: Round and Square
Flapjack Size: 5cm

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